Here you go! If interested, some friend of mine voiced over a thign of yours? ;v;

6 months ago on 10/19/13 at 05:06am



I will be there!
In the Artist Alley!
Selling prints!
And other things!
so if you’re also attending, please stop by and say hello! :D
((I may or may not also have free stickers?!))

feel free to also stop by and remind me that I haven’t drawn any HS fanart in so long and I should fix that

doodlies inspired by blood+ ending


he now knows too much

Anonymous asked: Why you are not drawing more? D:I miss your art!

I’ve actually mainly been spending the hiatus drawing fanart for other things I’m into and whatnot, most of which can be found on my general art blog

Honestly most of my inspiration for HS art comes from the upd8s, and without them I’m kinda artblock’d, so there won’t be nearly as much here as usual, but you can still expect some every now and then!


Hamsterstuck! >:3

btw please reblog my stuff instead of reposting it thank you!(´・ω・`)ノ